Volunteer Cat Trapping

Volunteer Cat Trapper

Some of the cats we are asked to help with are scared of humans or have suffered from injuries which make them impossible to safely scoop up using hands only. In these circumstances we will need to trap with using specially designed humane traps and other equipment. Once traps they are taken to vets for treatment and if not taken into our care for rehoming, are health checked, neutered and returned to where they came from.

Requirements for a Cat Trapper are simple but not flexible. You MUST have your own car or van. We do appreciate people need to earn a living but you must have sufficient free time to respond to alerts for help in a timely fashion – a sick cat cannot wait too long for our convenience. You must also be fit enough to safely lift a cat plus trap, which can reach weights of nearly 10kgs. You must also be fit enough to negotiate sometimes difficult areas and unstable ground such as farm yards or stables. A pair of wellington boots is a positive advantage at times.

Cats Protection will reimburse fuel costs and provide a protective covering to place under the trap to prevent any damage to your vehicle. Trapped cats can become distressed and sometimes urinate so it’s important to protect your vehicle. Small pieces of bait can also slip through the mesh and if left will become stale. But by following our advice your vehicle should come to no long term harm.

For the first few operations we will ‘buddy’ you with an experience trapper to teach you the tricks of the trade. Once you feel confident we will issue you your own trap and then ask you to be on stand-by until we are called for help.

Trappers are a vital part of our team and while it can be a frustrating pastime, it can also be very rewarding. Trappers are the first link in our chain to prevent and stop suffering for cats that have no owners to care for them.

Updated Jan 2011