Phone Volunteers

The branch phone line is one of the first points of contact many people have with our organisation. It then follows that the phone volunteers are a vital part of the team and often are the face (or voice) of Canterbury CP itself.

As a phone volunteer you will be in the frontline of cat rescue and help direct the public to the most effective point of help. Access to a PC and the access to the internet and email is extremely helpful, as details will need to be eamiled out to other branch team leaders for action.

Our phone line is accessed remotely, so it is up to the phone officer to ring in and collect the messages as and when they can, but ideally this should be at least three times in the day. Phone Volunteers cover the phones one or two days a week, but there is some flexiability within the team. But there is phone cover 7 days a week.

Expenses for phone costs will be reinbursed, but the majority of phone volunteer work is done via email. The key to this role is reliability and being able to deal with the general public in a diplomatic, helpful and efficent manner. Anyone with customer service skills would be ideal.  Ample support and guidance will be given to people who decide to take on this very important role.
Updated Jan 2011