Kitten Socialiser

Sometimes kittens do not have the best start in life and often come to us having been born outside to stray mothers and have lived their first few weeks of life with little or no contact human contact. There is a golden age below which it is relatively simple to teach these kittens how to live as domestic pets. When stray kittens come to us below 8 weeks of age we then begin the process of domesticating them.

Domesticating kittens is relatively straight forward but requires lots of patience and small amounts of cooked chicken. Each litter although initially wary will come round depending on how young they are but eventually their tummies rule their fears and that where the chicken comes in.

Kitten socialisers need to have one spare room where they can exclude any existing pets. Ultimately this room will become the kitten’s play room so it also needs to be safe from obvious hazards. For the first few days or weeks in care, kittens are kept in a cage called a kitten pen. This makes it easier to get close to them and begin gentle interaction and encouragement. Kitten pens are the size of a large coffee table. Cat Protection supplies all equipment needed and also covers the cost of any vet treatment required while the kittens are in your care. When the kittens are displaying more confidence and you feel you can gather them up again without a chase or a struggle, then is the time to allow the kittens a bit more freedom to explore the room. With our guidance and help you will teach the kittens to feel safe around humans, get them used to normal domestic life, encourage appropriate play and discourage overexcitement. Basically you will become their new mum and teach them all about being  a pet.

This is a time intensive role and therefore people who work full time may not be suitable although part time workers have successfully tamed kittens. Kitten socialising does bring enhanced challenges but those who have done it say it also brings enhanced rewards. Watching the transformation from small, cowering nervous wreck to confident, engaging happy purr-pots ready to move on in the world and find their forever home is one of the most rewarding roles within Cats Protection.

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Updated  Jan 2011