Hello! I'm Elaine, Fundraising Officer for Canterbury Cats.
Protection. We run a programme of fundraising events throughout the year at places like Whitstable Castle, Herne Bay Bandstand and Tankerton Slopes. It's a continual battle for our branch to make sure we raise enough money to pay our ever increasing vet bills.  The more volunteers we have at events the more events we may be able to hold.

If you have a little time to spare, it would be great to have you with us.  We are a fun bunch and we'd love to meet you.Setting up tables, running stalls, helping with collection tins...there is a long list!

Are you a dab hand with crafts, cake or jam making?  We are always looking for high quality donated goods and produce to sell at our events.Even if you can only spare a few minutes and could help us putting up our gazebo at the beginning of an event that would be really great.

If you are interested in finding out more about helping with fundraising please call us on 

01227 266838

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